NEW! Samuel Gray Horned Owl

NEW! Samuel Gray Horned Owl

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  • Samuel the plush Grey Horned Owl loves filling the forest with the sound of his booming hoots! It’s his way of saying, this patch of woods belongs to me! Our Owl’s soft, floppy wings are depicted with silky, gray plush that resembles feathery plumage. Dark markings surround his pale face to create a high contrast look that’s sure to catch your eye, while a tuft of white “feathers” around his beak adds to Samuel’s distinctive appearance. Samuel’s luminous, amber colored eyes glow with a lifelike realism that will inspire the imagination and promote hours of imaginative play. Featuring a handsome monochromatic design crafted with durable, high quality materials, Samuel the Gray Horned Owl stuffed animal is a fun wildlife companion who’ll be there for a lifetime of adventure!

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    Weight 8.8 oz
    Dimensions 7 × 7 × 11 in

    24 Months & Up

    SIZE (IN)

    11" Tall