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So...What is a Mojo Bag?

It is, in short, The Staple Amulet of African American Hoodoo Practice.
A flannel bag containing one or more Magickal items.
Hoodoo is not the same as Voodoo.
Hoodoo combines African American Folk Magick with Native American Traditions.
The word is thought, by some, to be a corruption of the English word “Magic”.
But it is MORE likely related to the West African word “Mojumba” meaning a “Prayer” or praise or homage.
SO... a Mojo Bag is a prayer in a bag. A Spell you can carry with you.
Spell” is another word for Prayer, as “So Mote It Be” is another way of saying “Amen”.
Here at Conjure Apothecary, we use satin and velvet for our Mojo Bags.
Each of these Witchcrafted bags, nicknamed Mojo To Go, have their own purpose or intent.

We have the following Mojo To Go in stock:

*Protection* Prosperity* Love* Scarborough Garden (an Ancient Love Spell)* *Weight Loss * Truth* Grief* Friendship* Joy* Happy Couple* *Serenity/Sobriety* Sweet Dreams*

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