In late 2019, the idea to further diversify our brand came to fruition. We felt the need to let our original Charmed in New England customers know that we still had the products and services they came to know and rely upon. When we first transfigured into Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares, many thought we no longer carried their favourite Witchcraft supplies. Due to this and the feedback we received, we knew we had to spread the word in a clear and concise way that expressed "Yes were are still here!" Hence, Conjure Apothecary was born!

We sell herbs, crystals and stones, Witch Balls, incense, candles, smudge, Tarot and Oracle decks, organic and imported teas, supplies and more for The Apprentice and Experienced Witchcraft Practitioner both here on line and on the lower floor of Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares, adjacent to The New England Magick Academy Classroom.

Craft A Magickal Life Every Day! Stir The Witch Within!


Established in 2009, Charmed began as an idea that flourished from an online store to a 1500 square foot Spiritual Emporium in the first four years.

In 2015, our sixth year in business, we relocated to beautiful downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. Charmed then became two floors, with Lady Tara's Tea Room and retail merchandise on the top floor and The New England Magick Academy Classroom and Lady Tara's Workshop on the lower level. ​

Please note: Lady Tara's Tea Room closed in 2018, however we still offer organic and imported teas as well as Tasseography and Psychic readings, by appointment.

Combining the success of Charmed with the inspiration for Oliver's we decided to move forward cohesively with the growing needs of the community and on July 29, 2017, Charmed's brick and mortar store Transfigured into Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares and added Conjure Apothecary in 2019. 


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