Dinner With The Dead Ticket Holder Information

We are very excited to see you this Saturday, October 30th for Dinner With The Dead at The Haunted Wayside Inn , Sudbury MA.

We have important information to make this event the best for you!

1. Your receipt is your ticket. Please bring with you by either printing it out or showing on your phone.We also have a full list of all guests that we will cross reference in case you are attending with friends or family that may arrive before or after you. All they will need is your name as the ticket holder. Everyone in a group will be seated together, with specific table numbers.You may also be seated with other guests which gives you the opportunity to meet kindred spirits.

2. Sudbury has a Mask Mandate that The Wayside Inn and all guests must comply with.This means that when not seated at your table, masks must be worn when viewing the museum rooms, going to the restrooms, getting drinks from our private bar, food from the buffet, walking around the premises, etc. If you forget your mask, we will have a limited supply available, so please make sure you put one in your pocket or purse ahead of time. If you have a photo or memento of your Loved One, please bring it with you and place upon your table.

3. The Wayside Inn is located at 72 Wayside Inn Drive, Sudbury, MA 01776.

Phone: 9784431776. Website: www.wayside.org

4. Parking is free. There is parking next to the Inn and a lot across the street.

You will see a sign for the lot.

5. We recommend coming early to partake in the self walking tour. Maps are available that pinpoint the historical attractions on the grounds.The Wayside Gift Shop is another interesting place to visit with many great items for the holidays.

6. Check in begins at 6pm. The Wayside Staff will direct you upstairs to the second floor. For those that may have difficulty getting up the stairs, The Wayside has an elevator. Please let the staff know if you need the elevator so they can assist you.

7. We have an added attraction to our event this year!

Psychic Kristen Van Olinda will be offering readings to those that are interested. Kristen will hold her readings in the sitting room. These readings will be cash only. $20 for 15 minutes with a $1 per minute for each minute over 15 minutes. A sign up sheet will be available. Kristen Van Olinda has been certified by Lucy Cavendish as a reader of Lucy's oracle decks. She has been working with both tarot and oracle cards for many years and is a well respected reader at many of our events. A reading with Kristen combines insights and wisdom derived from the metaphysical and magickal realms with the most caring human warmth and empathy. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us at nemischief@gmail.com

Or call us at 8664112525.

We look forward to seeing you at Dinner With The Dead.